In the seventeenth degree, or Knights of the East and West, after the candidates have completed the initiation and after revealing the password (Jubulum) and the Sacred Word, (Abaddon), “the Senior Warden conducts the Candidate to the elevated canopy at the right of the All Puissant.”

“This is supposed to represent the end of the world when all good Masons receive their reward by being conducted to a throne at the right hand of the All Puissant, have been purified by washing their robes in their own blood.”

In the lecture which follows between the All Puissant and the Senior Warden, the Book of the Seven Seals—which none but one can open (Rev.5:5)—is twisted to represent “A Lodge or Council of Masons which the All Puissant alone has the right to convene or open.”

The Fourth Seal is represented by a skull or “Death’s Head” and Masons are told it “is the image of a brother who is excluded from a Lodge or Council.” The Fifth Seal is represented by a “Cloth Stained with Blood.” The All Puissant identifies this as a symbol “that we should not hesitate to spill ours for the good of Masonry.” (Scottish Rite Masonry Illustrated, The Complete Ritual, vol.1, pages 453,456-7, E. Cook Publications, 1974)

What a gross misrepresentation of God’s Holy Word! First and foremost, it is Christ and He alone who “hath prevailed to open the book and loose the seven seals thereof.” To presume that honor and power is to deny Christ, or yet in deeper perversity, to replace His power and authority with that of the All Puissant, even in the representation of the power to save and to enthrone. This is the very spirit of the Anti-Christ!

Again, another clue to the true identity of the Masonic Deity is revealed in the “Sacred Word” of this ritual, “Abaddon.” In Revelation 9:11, we learn that “they [the demons and workers from hell] had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is ABADDON!”

To the Mason who claims that he can be both a Christian and a Mason, I call you to repentance. No Man can serve two masters. The god of Masonry, Jaobulon, is not the God of the Holy Bible. You can no longer act in your ignorance.