An email dialogue  this week.

Dear Ed,

I hope all is well with you.

This morning we were discussing Islam based on your and Dr Carlson’s book

Fast Facts on False Teachings and I had the statement from your book

Allah is not another name for the one true and living God, God Jehovah.

Allah is the name of another god.

I had some disagreement from one lady who had been on a mission trip

to New York City talking / witnessing to Muslims.   She felt that Allah

was another name for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Any comments you can share?



Dear EB:

Well, she is wrong.  The Muslim  Allah is a stone, a small  to medium , crescent meteor rock. Hence the depiction of the crescent moon on most if not all Muslim nations’ flags and the literature of the Muslim faith. It represents the Moon Deity.

 A meteorite is a piece of iron, stone, or stony-iron composite that has fallen to Earth from outer space. Most meteorites originated within the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, and were once part of a planet or large asteroid. A few meteorites come from the Moon and Mars, and a few others may possibly be fragments of cometary material.

It does not represent the God who created the moon and all the heavens nor does it represent the God who gave his only begotten son…for our sins and through him gave us the gift of eternal life. 

Allah is a god who requires that man give their sons to him in martyrdom.. a total reverse of Who God is and what He asks of us. 


Mr. Decker,

I passed your replay onto my pastor for his info and he asked me to ask you

 “Ask him if Allah is the Arabic name for God. I agree allah is not the God of scripture.”

Thanks again,


Dear EB: 

This gets a little complicated  First, the name was a generic word for god/any god/idol or tribal deity. In the Kaa’ba [Mecca]  there were several hundred tribal deities or Allahs in the big building the Muslims march around every year.

When Mohammed  and his tribe, the Quarish,  took power, the Koran says he destroyed all the other idols [about 360 according to their accounts] except the allah of his tribe, which was a meteorite Moon deity.  He kept the Kaa’ba as a holy place and  required every believer to make a pilgrimage there once in his lifetime ( Sura 22: 26-37)The central prayer became  “There is no God[Allah] but this [Allah] and Mohammed is his prophet.”

That is true to the Muslim, but that moon deity of the Quarish tribe never was, is not now and never will be the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

In fact this god of the Koran curses the very people of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob calls His people.