Hi Jason & family…

Been thinking of you & am praying that the Lord tenderly keeps you all in His kind hand in these days. Thank God that He walks through every moment with us, helping us, carrying us, providing for & encouraging us, as He leads us day by day. 

I’m personally so very thankful to this ministry over the many years, for the teachings, updated news & all the encouragement to keep fighting the good fight of faith & sharing the Truth of the real Jesus with our Mormon family & neighbors. We work with college students through a ministry outreach at our church & a college-age Bible study we have at our house. We hear students talk about their Mormon friends & in discussion; hear the confusion they have when they come to know the true beliefs of the Mormon faith. Today they really need to know what the Truth of the Gospel is, know & recognize the Truth of the Bible & to be able to differentiate those from the false “Christian teachings” & writings of the Mormon Church. Today for instance, I was able to share the link to your website with two students. Plus, we watched a video with them last week, exposing the beliefs of the Mormon church, a video which is still available on YouTube. That alone was eye opening for them! Thank you for all you do. 

Blessings & grace & joy in our Lord to you all,

DD (from Central Washington)