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Articles on other religions and cults including Jehovah's Witness, Islam, and others. Check out the articles on Evolution and creation

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1 What is Purgatory??? Ed Decker 1195
2 From The Recent Headlines Ed Decker -
3 The Catholic Chronicles Keith Green 1779
4 Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up. Mark A. Becker -
5 Roman Catholicism Ed Decker -
6 Why We Answer the Door When the Cultists Come Knocking Jason Carlson 2037
7 Scripture Twisting James Sire 2325
8 The Error of Replacement Theology Clarence H. Wagner, Jr. 2549
9 The Marvelous Umbilical Cord Ed Decker 2739
10 What Think Ye of Christ: George Whitefield George Whitefield 2455
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