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Witnessing to a Mason PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ed Decker   
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 23:23

Sharing The "Light Of The World" With a Freemason


Ed Decker

We receive countless requests for information on how to witness to a Mason. We shall briefly try to suggest some strategies for dealing with at least the Mason who claims to be Christian.

An unsaved Mason has no reason to follow Jesus; and he would need to be approached like any lost soul: with much prayer and with the understanding of two factors:

1) the man is ignorant of the Bible, even though it is part of the "furniture" of the Lodge and is to be his "rule and guide."

2) that however happy he may appear to be in his Masonry; he nevertheless is in need because he is lost and lacks Jesus. He has substituted Masonry for a real relationship with the living God of the universe through His Son!

Most Christian Masons, on the other hand, have no idea of what they are involved in, but have joined because of family obligations, or business connections. Unfortunately, these men may also lack an appreciation of the holiness and majesty of the Lord Whom they profess to follow; and may not know a great deal about either the Lodge they serve or the Bible.(Hos.4:6)



Few Masons, Christians or not, take the time to read the books in their Masonic libraries. The vast majority believe the pious platitudes they hear from their leaders about "friendship, morality, and brotherly love" and never bother to look deeper.

Freemasonry preys on some of man's nobler impulses: the desire to do good; to believe in something mysterious; the desire for acceptance and friendship; and to be part of something greater than himself.

Since most naturally assume the best about people and institutions with which they deal, it never occurs to them to bother to look behind the excellent advertising and jolly handshakes to see the engine which really powers Masonry. They see the facade and naturally mistake it for the substance of what they are joining. The Lodge takes advantage of this trusting nature and exploits it for all it is worth.

Of course, additionally, most Masons join because someone they know or respect is a Mason. Since the "trusted friend" has accepted Masonry, it therefore must be alright-this is the deceptive reasoning which draws men uncritically into the lodge.

The man doesn't realize that his friend joined on just such a basis of blithe ignorance, thus forging another link for a beautiful chain of trust, attached to a ball about to be cast into the Lake of Fire.(Rev.20:15)

With the Christian, it is a matter of restoring the man's "first love" for Jesus.(Rev.2:4) His fires may have been banked by years of lodgery. Show him His holiness, and how He expects His disciples to: "Come and be separate." (2 Cor. 6:14-17) Remind him that Jesus loved him enough to die for him. Just glorify Jesus, and the spiritual temperature will definitely rise!

Then gently take him to Mt.5:34-37, which deals with the taking of oaths, and simply ask him how he could break a commandment of the Jesus you were just discussing by taking the Masonic oaths.

He may protest that Christians take oaths in court. You can point out that many Christians refuse any oaths because of fidelity to their Lord's command. Beyond that, legal oaths are of a life-and-death character, mandated by the state (Rom.13:1-5); whereas the Masonic oaths are, at best, frivolous in nature.



If the Mason denies his oath's frivolity; then ask him what Jesus would think of a man who takes blood-thirsty oaths in direct violation of His commandments. Point out that his body is a temple of the Holy Ghost (1 Cor.6:19-20, 2 Cor.6:16) and that to swear an oath that it should be mutilated and destroyed is an affront against the Jesus who created that body, and Who bought and paid for it with His blood!

It is also BREAKS the 7th Commandment (Ex.20:13) which forbids murder! If he says that the oath IS frivolous, then ask him if calling on God to witness a mock oath isn't taking God's name in vain?

This should "crack" his armor considerably, and would be a great opportunity to pray with him and/or share The Question of Freemasonry with him.

Usually it pays to save the "big guns" (occultism, Lucifer and Baal worship) until later on in the encounter, since most Masons haven't heard of these things and would find such statements hard to believe.

Masons will often try to claim that Pike's MORALS AND DOGMA or the monumental encyclopedias and histories of Albert Mackey (both 33 Degree Masons) are "just their opinions" or "not official." That is like claiming an Act of Congress or a papal bull is not official!


But rather than get into that conflict at all, avoid the hassle by sticking with things that ALL Masons must admit are "official." These are things that are in the ritual books themselves. The oaths are one such item.

Another one which could be brought up readily would be the first act a man performs ritually in Masonry as an "Entered Apprentice." The candidate is stripped of all his clothing and metal and made to dress in a odd pajama-like outfit. He is blindfolded and secured with a cord or cabletow about the neck and led to the door of the Lodge.

He is stopped by the Senior Deacon (a lodge officer) who asks who he is. His ritualized reply is given by the Junior Deacon:

"Mr. Joe Christian, who has long been in darkness, and now seeks to be brought to light, and to receive a part in the rights and benefits of this worshipful lodge, erected to God and dedicated to the holy Sts. John as all brothers and fellows have done before him."

Now imagine a Christian saying that! A Christian who has Jesus, "the Light of the World" and the Holy Spirit within him saying he has "long been in darkness."

What can Masonry offer a Christian? This is the question you must ask! What does the Lodge have to offer that Jesus, the Almighty King of the Universe doesn't? How can Masonry's light be compared with the light of Christ? How could a Christian stand there and permit such a blasphemy to be attributed to him? If Jesus is his light, why does he need another?

If he wants fellowship, his church certainly has men's Bible study or fellowship groups. If he wishes to give to charity (as Masons boast they do), then let him give to missions work or Christian charities so that Christ's name might be glorified! Masonry only glorifies itself with its charity, against the clear commands of Jesus.(Mt.6:1-4)

Show him that time with the Lodge is time away from Jesus! In the eternal, Masonry is a tragic waste of time; besides being a violation of the law of God. We are going to have to account for every "idle word" like that before the Throne. (Mt.12:26) As a former Mason I can assure your that the lodge rites are FULL of idle words!

Share these things with the Mason, and above all else: PRAY for him, that he might once again see Jesus' glory unclouded by the "dark light" of Masonry.


(c) copyright, 2009 Ed Decker, all rights reserved

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