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John L. Smith Memorial Library

This library is the collection of articles and books from the Ministry of the late John L. Smith. 

John L. Smith dedicated over 60 years of his life ministering to Mormons in Utah annd throughout the nation. He pastored a Church in Utah for 17 years and maintained a booth at the Utah State Fair for many years.

John L. spoke at many thousands of churches throughout his years, bringing untold numbers of people to Christ, so many of them Mormons.

We maintain this section of our site in his honor and memory.

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# Article Title Author Hits
1 November 2002 Newsletter John L. Smith 4205
2 Several Artciles by John L. Smith Newsletter John L. Smith 4493
3 I've Come a Fur Piece John L. Smith 4893
4 Questions To Ask The Mormon Missionaries! John L. Smith 13200
5 The Mormon Missionaries John L. Smith 4915
6 The Temple Garments John L. Smith 5114
7 The Resurgence of Polygamy John L. Smith 5103
8 The Mormon Missionary Visit John L. Smith 5094
9 Reconsidering "No Man Knows My History" John L. Smith 5355
10 What others Have Said About Me! [J.L. Smith] John L.Smith 4709
11 Barna Report: Don't You Believe It! John L. Smith 5244
12 Latter-day Saints and the Cross John L. Smith 4732
13 Testimony of John L. Smith's Ministry John L.Smith 4563
14 Assorted Articles John L. Smith 5036
15 John L. Smith Ministry and Saints Alive Ed Decker 5096

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